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Vicino Oriente is an archaeological journal of the Departments of Sciences of Antiquity and of Oriental Studies of Sapienza University of Rome.
VO Journal is published yearly and deals with Near and Middle Eastern, and Egyptian ancient Art and Archaeology, History, and Epigraphy, extending its view on the whole Mediterranean and North Africa with the study of Prehistory and Phoenician and Punic documents.
Purposes of the journal are:

  • to host preliminary reports of excavations currently carried on by Sapienza University of Rome and other research Institutions in the Near and Middle East, Egypt and the Mediterranean;
  • to report about and update the status of research projects in progress in the same field of studies;
  • to introduce PhD projects currently undergoing in Sapienza University of Rome dealing with the main topics of the Journal;
  • to account the activities of the Museum of Near East, Egypt and Mediterranean of Sapienza University of Rome.

Papers submitted to the Editorial Board must be typed according to author guidelines and must be submitted through the appropriate e-mail address. Proposed papers are submitted to double-blind review and, when accepted, they are subjected to the editorial procedure according to the standard procedure reported at the page Peer Review.

Vicino Oriente is indexed by ERIHPLUS , DOAJ , SHERPA ROMEO

Current Issue



L. Nigro - E. Gallo - R. Gharib - F. Mura - M. Macrì - T. Rinaldi -
An Egyptian green schist palette and an amazonite gemstone
from the "Palace of the Copper Axes" at Batrawy, Jordan


A. Shawamra - F. Cappella - An Iron Age II tomb
with Phoenician items at Khirbet Bir el-Kharayib, Central Palestine


L. Nigro - D. Montanari - F. Mura - M. Bernabale - C. De Vito -
A.Ma Niveau-de-Villedary - A Sardinian early 1st millennium BC bronze axe
from Motya


P. Bartoloni - Review article:
B. Bechtold - S. Vassallo, Le anfore puniche dalla necropoli di Himera
(seconda metà del VII - fine del V sec. a.C.), Leuven - Paris - Bristol 2018


C. Guastella - Le ceramiche di impasto dalla Zona D a Mozia.
Aspetti socio-economici in ambito domestico


D. D’Erasmo - Figure femminili e gestione del potere durante la VI Dinastia:
le donne della corte di Pepi I


P. Bartoloni - Review article:
F. Spagnoli, La ceramica dipinta fenicia e punica a Mozia.
Le produzioni e i motivi decorativi (VIII-IV secolo a.C.)
(Quaderni di Archeologia Fenicio-Punica VIII), Roma 2019


C.G. Cereti - Are the Provincial Capitals of Ērānšahr really provincial capitals?

S. Seminara - The world according to E-anatum.
The narrative of the events in E-anatum’s royal inscriptions


A. Agostini - Clues for Minaean history.
A chronological reassessment in light of new epigraphic and archaeological data
from Barāqish (5th and 4th centuries BC)


L. Nigro - T. Rinaldi - The divine spirit of bees.
A note on honey and the origins of yeast-driven fermentation


D. Montanari - Bollettino delle attività del Museo del Vicino Oriente,
Egitto e Mediterraneo della Sapienza anni 2018-2020