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Vicino Oriente is the journal of the “Sezione di Orientalistica” (Section of Oriental Studies) of the Departments of Sciences of Antiquity and of Oriental Studies of Sapienza University of Rome.
VO Journal is published yearly and deals with Near and Middle Eastern, and Egyptian ancient Art and Archaeology, History, and Epigraphy, extending its view on the whole Mediterranean and North Africa with the study of Prehistory and Phoenician and Punic documents.

Purposes of the journal are:

  • to host preliminary reports of excavations currently carried on by Sapienza University of Rome and other research Institutions in the Near and Middle East, Egypt and the Mediterranean;
  • to report about and update the status of research projects in progress in the same areas;
  • to introduce PhD projects currently undergoing in Sapienza University of Rome dealing with the main topics of the Journal.

Papers submitted to the Editorial Board must be typed according to author guidelines and must be submitted through the appropriate e-mail address. Proposed papers are submitted to double-blind review and, when accepted, they are subjected to the editorial procedure according to the standard procedure reported at the page Peer Review.

Vicino Oriente is an Open Access journal with all rights reserved - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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Current Issue



L. Nigro - Da Gerico a Betlemme. La missione della Sapienza a Gerico e l’archeologia italiana in Palestina (1997-2017)
con il contributo del Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale

L. Nigro - L. Fattore - D. Montanari - 3D scanning, modelling and printing of ultra-thin nacreous shells from Jericho: a case study of small finds documentation in archaeology

Z. Kafafi - Life and settlements during the Iron Age in the Central Jordan Valley: aspects from the site Tell Deir ‘Alla and nearby sites

L. Nigro - F. Spagnoli - Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) from Motya and its deepest oriental roots

A.Mª Niveau-de-Villedary y Mariñas - Gadir revisited. A proposal for reconstruction of the archaic Phoenician foundation

F. Giusfredi - On Phoenicians in Ptolemaic Cyprus: a note on CIS I 95

M. Guirguis - Una brocchetta eburnea dalla necropoli di Douïmès: artigianato fenicio tra Nimrud e Cartagine

P. Bartoloni - Bambini fenici nel tofet. Review article: B. D’Andrea (2018), Bambini nel ‘limbo’. Dati e proposte interpretative sui tofet fenici e punici, Roma 2014

M.G. Amadasi - Due colleghi all’“Orientale” di Napoli
Review article:
G. Toloni (a cura di), L’opera di Francesco Vattioni (1922-1995), Brescia 2016
G. Toloni (a cura di), L’opera di Luigi Cagni (1929-1998), Brescia 2018

A.L. Corsi - A stucco merlon from the Congregational Mosque of Siraf at the British Museum

F. Duva - Gay in the Sasanian period: some preliminary notes on its circular urban plan

M.V. Fontana - A small intruder: a Medieval marble winged lion from Ravello

V. Laviola - Some newly discovered Islamic buckets from Ghazni (Afghanistan)

G. Maresca - Between ‘Early and ‘Late’ Iron Age in South-eastern Iran: notes on the possibility to evaluate the ‘Achaemenid impact’ on the area

M. Massullo - Une inscription au nom d’Akbar. Écho du pouvoir moghol à Ġaznī (Afghanistan)

S. Paolini - Palanquins on camels and elephants in the Islamic world